Pilgrimage of Life

This event has ended

In 1536, 40 000 rebels captured Pontefract Castle. There they made their demands of the government, known as The Pontefract Articles, and proceeded on a Pilgrimage of Grace across Yorkshire.

On the 21st March 2020 Extinction Rebellion Pontefract will re-enact the Tudor rebellion by marching to Pontefract Castle where they will deliver their own Pontefract Articles; Extinction Rebellion’s three demands.

Extinction Rebellion Pontefract will lead a new ‘Pilgrimage of Life’, a modern Northern uprising against local and national government’s failure to stop climate change and halt the 6th mass extinction of species.

The procession will feature members of the Pontefract Red Rebel Brigade, a Tudor Monk, and more!
We urge the people of Pontefract to join us in our procession and rebellion. If you decide to join our procession we ask that you dress in black to join those in mourning for our earth!

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